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Lodge at Jackson Fork Ranch
Jackson Fork Fly Fishing Destinations

Fly Fishing Destinations

The Upper Hoback & Hoback Rivers

Both offer a variety of excellent angling opportunities with lots of riffles, runs and pools. This is the native waters for the Snake River Cutthroat.

The Green River

You can wade and float this easily accessible river for 30 to 40 miles from where it originates at the Green river Lakes to the Flaming Gorge Dam This is plenty of room to find your own special spot. This river is also one of the native waters for the Colorado River Cutthroat and features some large Rainbow and Brown trout.

New Fork River

Smaller than the Green, these controlled-flow river offers drift and wade fishing for Brown, Rainbow, and Brook trout - plus another fly fishing destination to find Colorado Cutthroat.

Fish Creek & Faler Creek

Just two of a dozen smaller wading streams where we can offer private access for the serious fly fishing angler in search of the quiet and undiscovered. Fish Creek is winding through the foothills of western Wyoming is an aptly named freestone waterway. The gradient flow varies from boulder-strewn riffles to meandering pools. Willow-lined banks and protective undercuts provide ideal fish habitat for this creek's inhabitants, the native Colorado River Cutthroat.

Faler Creek is a spring creek like stream which meanders through a private ranch on the outskirts of Pinedale, WY. Large trout can be seen holding in a variety of water including runs, deep holes, cut banks, and weed troughs. The large rainbow and wily brown trout will take surface and substance flies if they are presented well.

Other Streams & Rivers

We basically have relatively easy access to a variety of exciting waters and depending on the season, conditions and the type of fish or fishing you're looking for, we can take you to the best place to find it. Jackson Fork Fly Fishing Destinations

Green River Lakes & Meadow Lake

As its name implies, Green River Lakes is the headwaters of the Green River and an excellent-and beautiful-place for some great still water fishing. Outside of Pinedale is a special lake that houses a fine population of grayling. The grayling is so fine in Meadow Lake that the Wyoming Game and fish use it for a brood lake harvesting the eggs from these grayling to stock lakes all over North America. The lakes and streams so clear it is easy to see them and it takes a patient angler to land one.

The Sections

Two spring fed lakes near the Green River which offer interesting and challenging opportunities to catch large feisty Rainbow Trout and tough, solid Brook trout.

Fremont Lake

Just south of the Ranch and north of Pinedale, Fremont is a fairly large lake that offers a variety of exciting fly fishing. It is known for some mammoth Lake Trout, but also offers catching opportunities for Rainbow and Brown Trout as well as Kokanee Salmon.

Bridger Wilderness Lakes

There are what we call about ten "larger" lakes in this area, but another 1300 smaller lakes dot this remote mountain wilderness that offer great backcountry fishing along the majestic Wind River Range. The high alpine lakes are stocked with the game of trout species to include the California Golden Trout. The world record for a Golden Trout catch happened out of Cooks Lake in the Bridger Wilderness. It weighed 11 and quarter pounds. Jackson Fork Fly Fishing Destinations

Jackson Fork Fly Fishing Destinations